Bushidokan | A Martial Arts System for Champions

National & World Champions Jim Harrison 3-Time Karate All American Grand Champion3-Time AAU Judo Regional ChampionU.S. L1 Heavyweight Kick-Boxing ChampionCoach of U.S. Professional Karate Team 3 Times World Champion Janet Walgren 3-Time Women’s Karate...
Bushidokan Schools

Bushidokan Schools

The following is a list of schools run by Jim Harrison Black Belts. Find one near you and train in the world’s best self-defense system. The following schools are Certified Training Centers (CTC’s) under the Bushidokan Yudanshakai. CTC’s are the only...
Attention: Sakura Will Be Closed

The Dojo will be closed from May 19th until May 30th. For existing students, we will re-open on Tuesday, May 31st. For new students, please do not book any trials weeks until we return on the 31st. Thank you!