Missoula Martial Arts since 1978

Bushidokan, or “Warrior’s Way School”, is the nations oldest mixed martial arts system.

Founded by Jim Harrison in 1964, it combines Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Kickboxing and more to form the most effective style of combat arts. Bushidokan students not only learn the skills to compete in a variety of sports (Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Tai, Karate, Chute Boxing, Judo, Jujistu, Wrestling, MMA, and NHB), but also become experts at street self defense tactics.


Our Instructors

Torr Harrison

  • Bushidokan Ronin Jutsu – Black Belt 5th Degree
  • Bushidokan Karate/Kickboxing – Black Belt 5 Degree
  • Bushidokan Judo/Jujistu – Black Belt 5 Degree
  • Brazillian Jujitsu Purple Belt
  • National USJJF Champion
  • USJJO World Team Representative
  • USJJF World Team Runner Up
  • 3X USJJF Outstanding Player

Luke Jovin

  • Bushidokan Ronin Jutsu – Black Belt 2nd Degree
  • Bushidokan Karate/Kickboxing – Black Belt 3rd Degree
  • Bushidokan Judo/Jujitsu Brown Belt
  • Brazillian Jujitsu Purple Belt
  • Competitive Kickboxer, Boxer, Grappler, Shoot Boxer, Thai Fighter

Tristan Persico

  • Bushidokan Ronin Goshin Jutsu – Black Belt
  • Combat Veteran
  • CIED Afghanistan Special Ops Task Force Member
  • Provided Personal Protection for Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and then Vice President Joe Biden
  • Expert in small unit tactics, close quarters battle, and combat instruction


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