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At Sakura Warrior Arts, we use and teach the Bushidokan “Way of the Warrior School” Martial Arts System.

Bushidokan has taken the best and strongest techniques and tactics from many different martial art disciplines, system and styles, both Eastern and Western.

The Bushidokan sport system consists of three major methods:

Grappling – Judo/Jujitsu/Wrestling;
Striking – Karate/Boxing/Kickboxing and Muay Thai;
And Mixed Martial Arts and/or Extreme or Ultimate Fighting, King of the Cage, Pride, etc.

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Martial Arts

We offer classes for everyone. There is no age limit or gender preference when it comes to learning martial arts. Choose which martial arts program works for you and learn from instructors with years of experience.

Legendary Martial Arts

Bushidokan is a comprehensive system that offers the best of many different styles of martial arts.

Learn to defend yourself, dominate your opponent or just get into the best shape of your life. The Bushidokan system was developed by one of the most accomplished martial artists of the last century. You can be certain you are learning real, effective martial art techniques that could one day save your life.

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The Bushidokan system has proven successful for such Hard Core competitors as Josh Barnett (UFC World Champion), Brandon Olsen (UMA World Submission Grappling Champion), Bobby “Thunder” Thurman (PKA World Kickboxing Champion) and Steve Mackey (World Shoot – Kickboxing & Throws – Boxing Champion).

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Client Testimonials

Sakura is different from other martial arts gyms. They not only train for sport, but they truly train you to protect yourself in real-life assault situations. I choose to train with Sakura, because of the outstanding instructors and the effective self-defense that they teach.

Lynette Kelly

My whole family loves coming here!

Robin Bracken

Jim Harrison has spent a lifetime testing his own limitations and his adversaries.

American Karate Magazine

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