Train like a figher

Looking for an indivudualized training experience? More comfortable with one-on-one training? Have a competition coming up and need that extra edge?

Sakura’s world class instructors offer personalized, one-on-one classes on an individual basis. Whether you’re looking for situational self defense, skill drills and technique for sport, training for security situations, or simply prefer to have a tailor made martail arts training experience, Sakura has you covered.

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One on One Training

Choose one of our available world class instructors and set an appointment from an hour to recurring, multi-hour classes.  

Individualized Experience

Whether you are looking for Personal Self Defense for an upcoming trip abroad, Grappling or Striking instruction for an upcoming event, or simply would like to increase your safety and knowledge of the martial arts, we can tailor make a class that fits your needs. 

Beginner To Professional

Never tried Martial Arts before? Have a little experience under your belt? Or maybe you hold multiple Black Belts or have been competing professionally for years. No matter your background, everyone can benefit from the instruction of our extensively knowledgeable coaches.


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