CHildren’s Martial Arts

Kid’s Martial Arts

Discipline in a fun environment

Classes run from 4:00 – 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday.

At Sakura, we offer 3 separate classes for children: Judo/jujitsu, karate /kickboxing, and Ronin Goshin Jutsu (Self-Defense). With each of our classes, we also put an emphasis on discipline, courtesy, respect, and self-confidence.

Kids ages 5-15 are welcome.

Self Defense




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255 SW Higgins
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Our office hours are 3:30PM-8:30PM Monday - Friday.

Or give us a call at ​(406) 728-8187

Attention: Sakura Will Be Closed

The Dojo will be closed from May 19th until May 30th. For existing students, we will re-open on Tuesday, May 31st. For new students, please do not book any trials weeks until we return on the 31st. Thank you!